“VOTE FOR EUROPE – 2019” aims to encourage active participation to the election and to promote consciousness about EU institutions, the quality and the traits of EU’s electoral and political communication among citizens, young journalists, professionals, high level students and scholars. The project is promoted by the Chair of Political Communication of Roma Tre University, the Italian Association of Political Communication, the Italian Council of the European Movement, the European Youth Press, the University of Turin.

The European election campaign 2019 are pivotal moments in the life of political parties and offers moments for debate and confrontation between different ideas of citizenship and concepts of the EU as underlined by as expressed in the Treaty of Lisbon (art. 8) and the guidelines for “practical arrangements for the holding of the European elections in 2014”.

Within the framework of the upcoming European elections 2019 and the fortieth anniversary of European elections VOTE FOR EUROPE-2019 aims to develop:

  • The active participation in the EU debate and in the vote among scholars, young researchers, high level students, young journalists and citizens;
  • A better European citizenship;
  • The dissemination and knowledge of the issues and the political debate developed during the election campaign 2019 in the different countries of the Union in order to facilitate transnational comparison and confrontation
  • The quality of the European electoral information and political communication;
  • The theoretical and practical analysis of political communication in the EU;
  • New perspectives and approaches to the study of identity, citizenship and political cultures in the EU;
  • The convergence among different fields of studies on EU political communication to favour a multidisciplinary approach to the study of EU subjects.